Covid-19 Vs The Fashion Industry...

How fashion has changed...

By IFC JR. Fashion Editor: Luciana Melo


COVID-19 has shifted our world view in a way that will never be the same right at the beginning of fashion season. The virus has applied pressure on essential workers, local businesses, and various other industries.

Major fashion experiences such as Paris and Shanghai fashion week have been directly affected. Some have said this segment of the fashion industry can be lost for various reasons such as samples not using all fabric and retailers closing down, resulting in a packed warehouse of product being a waste. The industry has compromised by trying to showcase these experiences virtually, an upside to the challenges.

The fashion industry continues to adapt, which can be seen with the humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh. Billions of pounds were donated by luxury fashion groups.

The virus has shifted society to expand our knowledge and creativity. It has given companies a chance to connect with consumers through social media platforms and expanding their marketing strategies. These tactics have positively impacted e-commerce fashion. Before the virus started, a peak of success was growing for online shopping, since COVID started the growth has increased tremendously. Social distancing can last for years, a good chunk of consumers will choose to shop from the safety of their home rather than heading out to a busy high-street store.

Fashion is ever-changing meaning new styles and trends demanding the supply chain to work on full speed. The virus is pushing brands to engage and experiment with immersive technology for consumers to enjoy such as virtual clothing, online showroom, and digital catwalks. This a way for
companies to interact with consumers, giving a chance to build a more personable approach. Companies are continuing to adapt as they expand their knowledge via e-commerce and virtual shopping tools.

   High-end brands will bounce back by shifting their entire way of doing business.

   Smaller brands and department stores can continue to disappear.

   Independent designers, a blessing in disguise during these times.

The pandemic has created the opportunity to be more sustainable in the fashion industry through technological innovations for the future. Effects of the lockdown on the environment has been seen. The numbers of wild animals are increasing, also being seen in unusual places. The air pollution has gone down with also positive results from decreasing high concentrations of dyes, chemicals, etc. spills in rivers and lakes. Let’s keep pushing for the positive outcome of not only our health but for our environment.

The Future of Fashion is Health-first.