Cardi B’s New High-Shine Metallic Sneakers for Reebok Are Inspired by NYC Nightlife.

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Image Credits: Reebok

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Image Credits: Reebok

Reebok is teaming up with rapper Cardi B once again to give us part two of her Let Me Be… In My World collection inspired by New York City’s nightlife. The lineup features a myriad of reflective apparel, including new leather sneakers inspired by the New York skyline as it shines at night. Women’s sneakers are $110.

“The collection continues Cardi’s legacy while paying homage to the city that made her who she is today,” according to the brand. The collab heavily uses high-shine metallics and bold and interesting silhouettes, each piece paying homage to the rapper’s star-like status and dedication to her work in the city that she grew up in. From fitted crop tops to cargo pants, this collection has everything one could need to build a Cardi B-certified wardrobe.

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Image Credits: Reebok

The leather footwear comes in six different shades, so there’s plenty to choose from. Colors like Fluid Blue or Red/Champaign elevate the shoe’s metallic shine. Each hue was chosen with care by Cardi and the Reebok team in order to represent her home in the Highbridge neighborhood of South Bronx. “Nighttime in my hometown of New York is such a beautiful, magical experience, and I’m happy to see this magic come to life with my latest Reebok collection,” Cardi said. “These pieces are easy to wear from the street to the club while still letting you feel comfortable, confident, and unique. I promise you’ll be feeling like the best version of yourself when you have these pieces on!”The collection strongly serves style, swagger, and confidence all while representing home.