Independent Fashion Showcases Are Making History

Who's Setting The Trends for This New Platform

Over the past 10-15 years, independent fashion showcases have been popping up all over the country and globe giving designers of every calibur the opportunity to show their line. With so many fashion weeks to choose from, its hard to figure out which one will benefit your brand the most. 

Just like the original concept of fashion week, a lot of productions bring together press, potential customers, and most of all buyers to view your collection. Now that independent showcases have made their mark on the fashion industry, fashionistas can't say they have truly completed New York Fashion Week without attending one of the Independent designer showcases. 

In this article we would like to high light 3 fashion productions who are breaking records, setting trends, and creating opportunity for young and underground talent in the fashion industry.


Breaking Records

The first Showcase we would like to highlight is one of the largest and longest running. With its signature all white venues and record breaking amount of participants each season, Small Boutique Fashion Week is undoubtedly the most influential independent Fashion Showcase in the country.

Past Participants have gone on to spectacular career milestones such as competing on Project Runway, opening retail locations, and starting their very own fashion week events.

SBFW is one of the Independent Fashion Calendar's largest source for fashion content. Small Boutique Fashion Week holds the record for the largest runway video channel geared toward independent and under ground fashion. Their popular channel consits of over 900+ runway videos and interviews dating back to 2013.

Every NYC Fashion Week Season, SBFW gets larger. Holding the title for the most designers at any independent designer showcase at a whopping 30+ brands each season for the past 6 years

February 2018, Small Boutique Fashion Week will set a precedent as the first and only Fashion Week Showcase to debut an online department store allowing attendees to purchase merchandise from its participating designers. SBFW will also debut an editorial series, and new shows are set to be added to their popular fashion channel SBFWTV.


Setting Trends

Harlem Fashion Week is one of fashion's fastest growing productions providing a inside look into the fashion world north of the garment district, HFW is setting trends in a big way. Harlem itself is going through a lot of changes some which can hinder the cultural significance and rich culture of the area. Harlem Fashion Week sets to not only preserve the rich culture, but use Harlem's beauty and history as its back drop for their artists. Set in the Museum of NYC, Harlem Fashion Week mixes culture and art perfectly over 2-3 days of events. Keeping Harlem cool while making voices heard. 


Providing Opportunity 

Walk Fashion Show is providing one of the ultimate bragging right for anyone with a career in fashion... Participating Paris Fashion Week!

This Detroit based fashion show production tours the country showing in places like New York, Atlanta, and Detroit. Now Walk Fashion Show can ad 
Paris to their long list of locations allowing designers to say they have shown at Walk Fashion Show during Paris fashion Week.