Meet the 2021 Fashion Platform Award Recipients

See the top platforms in fashion being honored this year...

See which platforms will be receiving this year's highest honor at the annual Indie Fashion Gala and gain early access to 2022 casting calls:

Small Boutique Fashion Week

SBFW logo.jpg

Small Boutique Fashion Week Fashion Show and Market is the largest event geared toward independent fashion brands. Founded in 2012, SBFW has displayed the collections of some of fashion's most powerful independent fashion labels. 

Over 2000+ brands have been featured at this highly anticipated event and SBFW has been featured in many notable publications including Forbes, Vogue, and Fox Business Network.

Small Boutique Fashion Week has just reached the end of a successful 15+ city tour including shows during Miami Swim Week, Essence Fest, LA Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week including celebrity guest appearances from Polo G and his crew.

The Small Boutique Fashion Week production is changing the way we see fashion through their innovative fashion exhibit style shows that allow for direct networking opportunities, highly Instagrammable footage, and endless marketing not only during, but after their events as well. 


With a history of enhancing the careers of its participants and always on the hunt for emerging designers that are eager to take their business to the next level, their innovation and expansion does not stop there. Now casting for 2022, Small Boutique Fashion Week will be in 25+ cities and 3+ countries. For more information on Small Boutique Fashion Week tour dates and open designer, vendor, and model castings, visit them at


Harlem Fashion Week


Harlem Fashion Week creates a cultural canvas for both established and emerging designers to showcase their creativity in an atmosphere that supports diversity and multi-culturism. 

Since the days of the Renaissance, Harlem, NY has served as the epicenter of art, literature, music and fashion. As Harlem is being revitalized in the 21st century, Harlem Fashion Week will introduce a new era of fashion culture to the Harlem community inspired by its rich cultural heritage.

Harlem Fashion Week has created a platform for the rising stars in the Fashion Design Industry. We have been fortunate to receive a wide diversity of press from over 100 major media publications like Vogue Italia, Paper Magazine, The, Refinery 29, and more. For more information on Harlem Fashion Week and 2022 casting calls, visit them at

New York Institute of Beauty


For over 20 years, NYIB has been dedicated to presenting the highest level of education and technology in the Esthetic (Skin Care & Makeup), Nail Specialty and Waxing fields.

At New York Institute of Beauty their New York State approved courses in Esthetics (Skin Care & Makeup), Nail Specialty and Waxing are taught by Licensed professionals and their curriculum creates a learning environment where education is not only a priority, it is creative and fun!

Their students and faculty are well versed in the professionalism and dedication that is required of makeup artists during New York Fashion Week. To learn more about the New York Institute of Beauty and to enroll in their program, please visit them at

HiTech Moda


hiTechMODA is a unique platform combining traditional Fashion Shows with the latest innovative fashion-centric High Tech and the new "thinking" of fashion. Each season features established, emerging, and Indie fashion designers and cutting-edge Fashion Tech companies, along with new thought leaders committed to transforming the way industry operates today.

hiTechMODA has created an event that brings together unique radical tech innovation elements with a vision of designer creativity expressed on the runway. Their New York Fashion Week event spanned four days, featuring some of the top emerging designers in the independent fashion industry.

For more information on hiTechMODA and to register for their upcoming 2022 NYFW show, please visit them at

NYC Live!


Xpozure Modeling, Xpozure Media & NYC Live! @ Fashion Week, in association with Runway News, Uneeq Entertainment Inc, Bare Bonez Entertainment, Safe Haven Holdings LLC, Crystallization Connections, Emerald Fox Creatives, Make-up Designory, Studio Pachá Makeup Team, The Michael Michael Company, & The Mezzanine celebrated its 12th season of NYC Fashion Week this past September.

Wm. Michael Reid -- Fashion Show Producer, Talent Manager, and Publicist, created a platform to provide a creative and informative platform for new business clients, as well as family and friends.

For more information on NYC Live! at Fashion Week and their 2022 NYFW castings, please visit them at