GCDS x Bratz?

A Bratz fan account on IG posted images of the Bratz Dolls new fashion collaboration.


If you can’t get enough of 2000s nostalgia, it looks like @Bratz might be back with a big-time fashion collab. Two dolls in what appear to be full (miniature) @gcdswear looks were spotted at a Singapore Toys ”R” Us store by @jianyang1979 and published by Bratz fan account @lookinbratz. Yasmin and Sasha, who are both members of the original lineup of dolls, are decked out in teeny tiny fashions inside what appears to be co-branded GCDS packaging.

The details are amazing for such a small scale. We spy some of the Italian label’s signature pieces, from logo-emblazoned faux fur layered over a minute seashell crystal fringe bra, to a puffy babydoll dress in a print reminiscent of the Italian brand’s R-rated manga girl ones. Fortunately for parents, this time it’s PG-ified to feature the dolls themselves.
















Bratz debuted in 2001 and have regained popularity in recent years, inspiring makeup and fashion looks for people that grew up with the dolls, and a new generation that have discovered their legacy online. While the dolls themselves have drawn ire for portraying unrealistic beauty ideals with their distorted proportions, huge eyes and tiny bodies, at the time, they authentically portrayed a more diverse world than Barbie ever did... just look at Sasha’s braids and perfectly laid edges! Coupled with their unapologetically expressive fashions, it’s earned them a cult following and 20 years of staying power.

The original poster speculated it may be an Asia-only release, but it is still unclear where else the dolls will be distributed. GCDS has not yet confirmed details on the collaboration.