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10 Ways To Enhance Your Career...

The new year is around the corner and we are always looking for ways to be better. Listed below are 10 ways you can take your career to the next level RIGHT NOW!!!

#1 Be Seen Do Everything:

In this day and age, we are inundated with so many images ,videos and advertisements that entrepreneurs have to work extra hard to be memorable to potential clients. It's your job to advertise your brand everywhere! Every show, interview, press conference, seminar, and networking event should be blessed with the presence of you and/or your company. If you truly want to make your mark on the public, you have to continuously push yourself into the spotlight and network even when you may not want to. 


#2 Don’t Be Picky... Go To Everything:

You’ll be surprised the type of people you meet at events. People related to the fashion industry can be found at all kinds of events such as concerts, fashion shows, film festivals, and galas. One problem people often make is limiting the type of events that they attend. Chasing celebrities or big names can prevent you from meeting new artists who are looking to collaborate, but haven’t become a star as of yet. It is important to work with artists who may have not reached the status of a celebrity, but are working hard to make their mark on the industry. This way you can build a relationship with people before their brand goes mainstream making them a great connection to have.


#3 Take Advantage of All Amenities: 

Are you taking full advantage of the amenities that are offered to you when you participate in events? When you participate in fashion shows, seminars or trade shows, don’t just show your collection or display your hair and makeup skills. Be sure to take advantage of all of the programs offered to you so you can reach your highest potential. A lot of what is offered is there to help participants get you to the next level. Often time, participants overlook opportunities because they are busy creating their products. However, it is important not to forget about opportunities that can help you after the event.


#4 Calm Down/Have Faith:

Were you ever nervous about a situation that ended up being less overwhelming once you experienced it? Try not to overreacted and worry too much. You are not a psychic, and you have no proof that your negative thoughts will actually come true. Instead of worrying negatively, try to worry positively and prepare yourself to receive a greatness you are bound to receive. 


#5 Be Optimistic:

Stop telling yourself that you’re not doing a good job. The only difference between you and those you deem successful is time and effort. You have to think positively. If you continue to think positive thoughts you will have less anxiety about your ability to succeed. 


​#6 Don’t Be Afraid:

You are the best at what you do and you are growing into the best that you can be! As long as you have faith you have nothing to be afraid of. Fear without proof isn't valid. If you don’t have any proof that things will go wrong then it most likely won’t go wrong. One sure way to have the highest level of confidence is to have your work completed early so you can have confidence in your products. Entrepreneurs who have their work ready to display will be prepared when opportunity calls.


#7 Invest In Your Self:

If you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur you need to invest in yourself. Advertising costs a lot of money and some entrepreneurs often time forget how important it is to advertise. The problem with advertising is that there is no guarantee that there will be a return on you the money you've spent. However, this is one of the risks of being a entrepreneur. If you truly have faith in the products that you sell you shouldn’t be afraid to advertise. Designers who refuse to pay to participate in trade shows, runway shows or vending usually never graduate to the level of actual retail sales. If you don’t attend runway shows and trade shows how will big retailers and buyers find your company? As an entrepreneur, be sure to be open to the buying trends of the industry.

#8 Plan Ahead & Start Early: 

One way to enhance your career is to start early. Especially if you work in Fashion. It is so easy to miss calculate how long it takes to complete a project. Especially with all the hiccups that can happen. If we continue to start early it gives us a big margin for error and allows us to be patient during the creative process. This way we can focus on creating instead of rushing to finish which will allow us to produce our best work! It will also leave time to fix or add things if we want. 

#9 Focus on you only:

One way to help with the level of stress that comes with being an entrepreneur is to only pay attention to your work. Whatever you need to do to contribute to your mental health must be done. Never compare yourself to anyone else’s career and never compete with anyone. It is important to be patient, to work at your own pace and make sure you produce good work. These three qualities along with others will definitely enhance your Career. 

#10 Make it easy for your clients:

We need to make it extremely easy for our clients the buy from us. To be frank, you are in competition with every other retailer in the world. If your clothes are hard to buy or hard to order, customers will just go onto the next thing. One way to guard your reputation is using luxury terms like "Limited edition". If you can only make a small number of items you can use these terms to make your collections sound more exclusive while hiding the fact that you may not have that much inventory. Also, make sure you give your clients debut dates when the merchandise will be available. Designers often times put their designs out to the public with no inventory or no way to get it to a client if they ask. Please be sure to provide a release dates regarding when your merchandise will be available and make sure your process is easy a maintenance free for your customers.