Did Megan Thee Stallion Steal Her Design for Her Fashion Nova Collection?... You Be the Judge!

Megan Addresses the controversy...

By IFC JR. Fashion Editor: Jameia Mitchell


Is it a copy?

Most recently back in November, Meghan the Stallion, along with Fashion Nova, collaborated on a collection that was to be dropped and represented by Meghan, herself. After making almost “$1.2 million sales in 24 hours”, according to The New York Post, controversy from designer Aahzia arises, after her coming forth about one of her dress designs being stolen from her by Meghan and her design team. Aahzia made it known that from the start, Meghan’s team of designers had been specifically contacting her through text message, a very personal way of communicating, asking if they could “pull” from one of her designs for an event Meghan had that evening.Earlier in the year, the allegations against Nygard first emerged in February 2020 by seven women, who said they were sexually assaulted at his property in the Bahamas. The seven women who came forward were teens at the time. Since then, over forty more women have come forward as victims.

Back in March, Nygard International filed for bankruptcy, shortly after the FBI and NYPD raided its New York offices as a part of the investigation that led to his arrest. 

Jay Prober, Nygard's lawyer, told The New York Times that he denied the charges against his client. The bail hearing is set for January 13, 2021, but Prober is seeking an earlier hearing, the Times reported.

It is then shown that later on, the dress appeared to be a part of the collection Fashion Nova released. Screenshots of said dress and the conversation between the team can be found below. Meghan addressed this in an interview with The Morning Hustle, (where the interview is included below). To paraphrase, in response to the interviewer’s inquiry about how small boutique designers were upset about her larger brand not giving credit, Meghan basically said that oftentimes, communication gets lost in between the team and her, especially given that the team handles multiple responsibilities at once. She says that if Aahzia would have come to her personally, she would have handled the issue and provided her with all of her compensation, if need be. In response to Meghans interview, Aahzia posted on IGTV, which included saying that what Meghan said in the interview was “condescending, disrespectful, and hypocritical”. Aahzia mentions the team reached out to her, and they still continuously failed to acknowledge Aahzia and her work. Aahzia continued to explain that women, especially black women, should protect each other from things like stolen work, and there was no excuse as to why her work was not acknowledged, regardless of what other boutiques may have been discussed in the interview that Meghan had.  Since late November when the issue first arrived, there has been no further commentary from Meghan the Stallion, or her team, but fans are weary of how the situation has panned out, and are not pleased with the outcome of how Meghan handled the situation.