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Alexander Wang Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

Will He Go To Prison?

Fashion designer Alexander Wang is face some serious sexual assault from many of his male and transgender models. Will e face jail time?

NYC Fashion Week Events Schedule ...What Shows to Attend

Fashion Week Is Next Month:

Fashion Week is still pressing on despite the pandemic. Get tickets to the industry's top fashion shows & exhibits that follow CDC guidlines.

Meet The Model Coach That's Keeping Models Booked During the Pandemic

Models... Need to Get Booked?

Meet the industry's top model coach and model casting director to see how she's managed to keep models booked during the pandemic.

Jan-Feb 2021
Pre NY Fashion Week Issue
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Top 5 Covid-19 Fashion Shows...Who was the most innovative?

Top 5 Independent Fashion Productions  during the pandemic:

Who had the safest most innovative fashion show experience of 2020? Want to see which indie fashion week event made number one? Tap below to see how fashion shows are innovating their experience

Covid Vs The Fashion Industry... Did fashion designers benefit from the pandemic?

Covid-19 hit the fashion industry hard:

Everything from factories and shipment shutting down to stores closing globally, has effected the fashion business. However, online sales are up and the production of masks is at an all time high. Has the fashion industry suffered or prevailed during the pandemic?

Racist Runway Shows... What is Cutural Appropriation? 

Stealing from other cultures:

With African American culture at its most popular, many designers have been pushing the envelope styling models with looks created by the black community. Whether it' Jeremy Scott for Moschino or Comme Des Garcon terrible corn row wigs, designers definitely need to seek consultation from diverse perspectives.

Lil Kim's Collection for Pretty Little Things

What are your thoughts on the new collection?

Rapper and fashion icon Lil Kim has collaborated with Pretty Little Things on their new collection. See the line line available now....

A Night at the Museum With Louis Vuitton

Visit the Met Museum in NYC:

Louis Vuitton's new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art its a must see! Learn more about the exhibit by checking our Indie Fashion Calendar coverage of what to expect when you visit.

Master P in talks to buy Legendary Million Dollar Brand

Master P is about to own a fashion power house:

Hip Hop's most well known superstar is set to make a historic purchase of one of fashion's longest running commercial chains. Learn the details of the deal.

Famous Fashion Designer Aressted on Sex Trafficking Charges

From the sewing room to the cell block:

He has dressed some of the biggest names in pop culture. From apparel to fragrances this American designer has wowed us all with his beautiful work. Unfortunately, he's now in prison...learn more about this successful designer's fall from grace.

Megan Thee Stallion Controversy: Did she steal from Indie Designers?

Megan The Plagiarizer:

Did Megan the Stallion steal designs for her Fashion Nova collection? You be the judge...

See what fashion house has hired Teyana Taylor as Temporary Creative Director


#RIP Pierre Cardan...A Look Back at his legendary Career

Legendary fashion designer Pierre Cardan has Died. Lets take a look back at his ground breaking work.

Indie Fashion Gala Award Winners 2020

Join us for our recap of the summer's largest Gala celebrating indie artists. Awards and will be given out to top models, designers, publications and members of the fashion press. This will be a night to remember.....

Who snagged the night's most prestigious awards?

Bachelorette Party Presents

10 ways to Enhance Your Career In Fashion

Want to go to the next level in your career? Need some pointers on how to keep your stress at a low level and increase your profits. The Indie Fashion Calendar ha compiled a list of 10 steps to taking career to the next level so you can reach your highest potential.

Business Wake Up Call

Reasons why you aren't Selling! What Independent designers should do during and after Fashion Week

Are you a designer or vendor that just can't seem to make a sale? Have you ever participated in fashion events and haven't received any feed back besides compliments? There maybe something you're doing wrong! Let the Independent Fashion Calendar walk you through the process of selling and advertising your collection as well as life after fashion week. 

Top 5 Fashion Documentaries That Celebrate People Of Color

Think you know everything about black fashion?Test your knowledge or gain some insight on the impact african americans have made on the fashion Industry. See our personal picks of fashion's most riveting documentaries about black fashion. 

Small Boutique Fashion Week Alumni Opens Soho Store

We where introduced to Clavon's Wear when we attended Small Boutique Fashion Week. Since that showcase, we have learned the history of this fast growing brand and why they are making their mark while inspiring independent brands everywhere