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Indie Fashion Gala Award Winners

Join us for our recap of the summer's largest Gala celebrating indie artists. Awards and will be given out to top models, designers, publications and members of the fashion press. This will be a night to remember.....

Who snagged the night's most prestigious awards?

NYC Fashion Week Event Listings

Fashion Week! Its that time of the year...The last NYC Fashion Week of 2019. Want to see our award winning list of top indie events to attend? 

Tap below to see where you should be going this NYC Fashion Week!!!

SEPT 2019 issue
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Vma's Red Carpet Coverage

Want to see our favorite fashionable looks form the MTV Video Music Awards? See all the fashion, Highlights from performances and more! Tap below to get the full scoop.

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Cards B's Collection Makes $1 million In 24 Hours

Missed BKFW? The Indie Report as you covered with footage from Brooklyn's most stylish event. Click here See our official Brooklyn Fashion Week recap. 

Met Gala Recap.....

Want to see behind the scenes footage of the Met Gala? Who wore what? Check out the Indie Fashion Calendar's recap of the year's most fashionable event....

April 28th, The Fashion 500 Gala will be celebrated its 10 year anniversary highlighting by fashion boutique owners, media/communication pioneers, designers, stylists, bloggers, editors, photographers, models, hair stylists, platform creators and makeup artist within the NYC Fashion scene. Click below to see their full list of honorees & photos from this star studded event.

Fashion 500 Gala Recap

Top 5 Fashion Documentaries That Celebrate People Of Color

Think you know everything about black fashion?Test your knowledge or gain some insight on the impact african americans have made on the fashion Industry. See our personal picks of fashion's most riveting documentaries about black fashion. 

Indie Fashion Designers Create Limited Edition Lebron James Sneaker 

The HFR x LeBron 16 celebrates the strength of women of color across the globe. It’s a collaboration between LeBron James and four fashion designers from Harlem’s Fashion Row, the most prestigious platform for multicultural fashion designers. Together, the team made the first-ever women’s LeBron shoe—fearless and distinctive with regal gold highlights, interchangeable straps, and a 3D-molded lion’s head that grips the laces in its mouth. But the most distinctive piece is LeBron’s crown: a detachable leather bracelet you can wear on your wrist.

In Memoriam:

Remembering Those We Lost in 2018

The fashion industry lost some of its biggest members and supporters in 2018. Join us as we take a moment to remember those who have passed, and their contribution to the fashion industry.


10 ways to Enhance Your Career In Fashion

Want to go to the next level in your career? Need some pointers on how to keep your stress at a low level and increase your profits. The Indie Fashion Calendar ha compiled a list of 10 steps to taking career to the next level so you can reach your highest potential.

Independent Fashion Shows are Making History

With the rise of social media, designers conducting business in today's market have found interesting ways to market their brand. One way to save a small business money is to participate in independent designer showcases. Modeled after the original New York Fashion Week, these platforms are opening doors for designers, models and vendors and is making the fashion week experience accessible to the masses. Want to see what fashion shows are breaking records in the month of October?

Business Wake Up Call

Reasons why you aren't Selling! What Independent designers should do during and after Fashion Week

Are you a designer or vendor that just can't seem to make a sale? Have you ever participated in fashion events and haven't received any feed back besides compliments? There maybe something you're doing wrong! Let the Independent Fashion Calendar walk you through the process of selling and advertising your collection as well as life after fashion week. 

Small Boutique Fashion Week Alumni Opens Soho Store

We where introduced to Clavon's Wear when we attended Small Boutique Fashion Week. Since that showcase, we have learned the history of this fast growing brand and why they are making their mark while inspiring independent brands everywhere