Peter Nygard Linked to Jeffery Epstein... Arrested on Sex Trafficing Charges.

Leaving Models Stranded on private islands...

By IFC JR. Fashion Editor: Andrea Londono

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The former Canadian fashion executive Peter Nygard was arrested in Winnipeg on Monday, December 14, 2020. Mr. Nygard has been charged with sex trafficking dozens of women and teenage girls over the years. The victims said that Nygard had used violence, intimidation, and company sources and employees to lure victims and cover up his crimes.


Mr. Nygard targeted victims from low economic backgrounds and some who've had a history of abuse. Knowing that they all came from difficult backgrounds, Mr. Nygrad took advantage of his knowledge by using money, drugs, and false promises to lure them in. To ensure the victim's compliance with Nygard's sexual demands, his associates assaulted or drugged the victims. 


Mr. Nygard allegedly preyed on women at "Pamper Parties," held at one of his many properties. These women and teen girls were drugged at events like these to force their compliance. He also promised these victims a career within the fashion industry.


Also, Mr. Nygard had maintained relationships with a number of his victims, whom he called "girlfriends." They were required to travel and engage in sexual activity with him. Some of his "girlfriends: were on the Nygard International payroll as models or assistants.