NYFW's Newest Runway Show Experience Sponsored By the Indie Fashion Council...

The Indie Fashion Calendar will be sponsoring the Indie shows. A series of fashion presentations that will allow fashion designers to gain as much exposure as possible by allowing the company owner to be a part of event. 


Our Purpose...


As a designer participating in a runway show, they’re are a lot of components to manage. The workload can prevent participants from receiving the most out of their experience. The Indie Fashion Calendar would like to break the mold of the typical runway show and bring designers from the shadows of backstage into the fore front. 








Introducing "The Indie Shows"... a series of gallery style fashion presentations that will allow participating designers to not only show their work, but do business with guests during the event. Designers spend the majority of their time dressing models backstage and don't get the chance to mingle with the most important attendees. With The Indie Shows designers will have the chance to see their work in a high end live mannequin format instead the high velocity energy of a traditional runway show. This will give designers the opportunity to make their mark on the press giving you more time to network and make the important connections needed to get your career to the next level.

The Indie Shows is proud to be sponsored by The Indie Fashion Council & Indiefashioncalendar.com. Thats right! Fashion’s most connected independent publication will be partnering to provide attendees with the most prestigious luxury fashion experience and the most connected guest list. 

The Indie Shows will take place February 7th during Nyc Fashion Week.


The Indie Fashion Calendar is now casting for fashion designers.

Do you wish to display your work in NYC Fashion Week's new experience sponsored by the Indie Fashion Calendar? Click below for full information on how to take advantage of our early bird registration up to 50% off. 

Early Bird Registration Will close Feb 1st